Sweet Spice Needs Surgery: Donate Here


Tiny Paws rescued Spice along with 3 other little ones from a hoarder about 2 months ago. They all required dental cleanings & several extractions, as well as all other basic vetting. After x-rays and a surgery to remove a pocket of feces built up on the side of Spice, the only option for him […]

Donations – Each is a Gift of Caring and Kindness

Tiny Paws Donations

Tiny Paws Rescue is supported solely by contributions from the public, bequests, grants and some fees for service to carry out our daily mission of rescue, rehabilitation and finding homes for the dogs we are able to give a second chance in life.

Help us provide soft bedding and nutritious food for those animals who may have struggled to obtain barest food needs, a safe haven, veterinary care for those injured or sick and to prepare dogs for their new homes, and helpful supplies used by staff.

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